LA Mission Trip Student Testimony

We’re extremely excited about our Spring Break Mission Trip to LA! With the application deadline just around the corner (Tuesday, 2/4), we thought it would be a good idea to let you read about the experience from someone who’s been.


Enter: David Perloff—a junior Civil Engineering major, and UML student athlete for the Cross Country team, who was able to participate in last year’s trip. See for yourself what David thought about his time in LA:

What initially motivated me to join the LA mission’s trip was the fact that it would feel like a getaway vacation. Before my first trip, I mainly thought about the palm trees, the warm weather, and the tourist attraction we were going to visit. When we arrived, I was really amazed by all the attractions we got to visit at night throughout the week. We got to shop around Universal CityWalk, stroll around Hollywood Boulevard, and best of all: go to Disneyland for an entire day. But even with all this, I got values out of this trip that meant much more to me than any of our times in the tourist attractions.

This trip was an incredible bonding experience. Despite the leisurely fun of touring LA, we also did activities that required a lot of teamwork. Every year, the Fellowship Church of Burbank (the church the CSF was affiliated with) had a set of tasks for us to do for the week, which included mission outreach and labor work around the church. Quite a few of those tasks had their challenges, but it encouraged us to build and encourage one another to accomplish them. And in the end, I found myself much closer to my CSF friends. I also befriended others on our team who I usually was never around. 

In addition to the bonding, I received something even deeper. Perhaps the greatest value I got from this trip was seeing how God works in each individual. What made this mission trip incredibly fun was this: we were always in action and we were always together. I almost always found myself with someone, whether we were working on something, eating together, or doing an activity during free time. And during those times, I really got to see unique spiritual gifts, and qualities that were inherent in each person. Such gifts included: being willing to pray, desire to serve, communicating God’s Word effectively, etc. I myself also had other friends acknowledging me about the spiritual gifts I had, which greatly encouraged me. After this trip, I found that applying spiritual gifts into action and being around other fellow believers was what truly strengthened my relationship with God.

(Oh and if you plan to go, I also recommend you try and go for a morning run when you’re there. It’s incredible!)

Hopefully you were encouraged by David’s story. Whether you’re building, painting, sweeping, preparing food, handing out church fliers, going door to door, or encouraging the local church, there’s something for everyone and God will teach you more about himself and how to live in gospel community. There are many more students like David who have stories to share of serving Christ and His Kingdom. Join us this year and tell some stories of your own!

2014 CSF Spring Break Mission Trip Application

Spring Semester Relationship Series


This week at Refuge, I will begin an 8-part, in-depth biblical study on Gospel-driven relationships.  As I have taught this series at venues all across the country, one common denominator stands out:  students and young adults long for straight-talk and biblical instruction regarding dating, marriage, singleness, and the like.  Humbly, that’s what I will seek to give over the coming semester.  Everything we look at will be grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ:  because it is the end to which all of our relationships point and the fuel to empower us to live them out.

This study will explore what it means to date well so you can marry well because everything we do on the “single side” of the marriage altar affects the type of lives we live on the “married” side of the altar.  We will also look at the type of person God desires for His people to be with and the many types of relationships the Christ-follower needs to thrive.  Hint: it’s not just a mate, mate. And, no study like this would be complete without seeking to answer the question, “How far is too far?” before marriage.  

Here is the schedule of topics for the semester…

Tuesday, January 28:  Dilemma: There Must be a Better Way

Tuesday, February 4:  Design:  Understanding the Goal of Relationships

Tuesday, February 11: Desire:  Understanding Who Truly Satisfies

Tuesday, February 18:  Details:  Pursuing God’s Traits in Relationships

Tuesday, February 25:  Testimonials

Tuesday, March 4:  Discernment:  Building Emotional Boundaries

Tuesday, March 11:  Definition:  Building Physical Boundaries

Tuesday, March 18:  Spring Break…No Meeting

Tuesday, March 25:  Depth:  Forging Strong Bonds with Brothers and Sisters

Tuesday, April 1:  Devotion:  Growing as a Satisfied Single

Tuesday, April 8:  Ask Anything Tuesday:  Relationship Style

The study explores many of the “whats” of relationships but also the “whys”.  And, my encouragement to you is to be present for all of the studies.  In many instances, the topics build upon one another.  Popping in mid-way through might not make as much sense than if you had the previous weeks to serve as a predicate.  So, get ready to be challenged.  But, also prepare to be changed.  We hope that you will join us for this timely and relevant study beginning tonight at 7:35PM in Cumnock Auditorium.   


Spring Break Mission Trip 2014


It’s a new year and a brand new semester, so it’s time to think seriously about Spring Break 2014!  Most of you have been hearing about CSF’s Spring Break Mission Trip since the beginning of school, but now it’s time to apply.  Here are all the details to get you started…

Who may apply?  Any UML or Middlesex CC student who 1. Has been an active part of CSF for the past semester (consistently attends Refuge, has been on  a retreat, etc), 2. Walks in a manner consistent with faithful Christian witness, 3.  Desires to grow deeper in relationship with Christ and His people while selflessly serving others.

Where are we going?  This year will mark the 6th straight Spring Break in the Los Angeles area for us.  We are ministry partners with Fellowship Church of Burbank and will be working with them as they serve their city and surrounding area.  You can check out their website here.

What will we be doing?  There is something for everybody on this trip.  There will be light construction/remodeling, painting, landscaping, servant evangelism, canvassing, and much more.

What are the dates?  We will fly out on Friday evening, March 14 and return on Saturday night, March 22.

How much is it?  The cost is $800 per student.  This includes airfare, ground transportation, housing, most meals, and much more.

All applications will be electronically submitted this year.  You can apply by going here:

2014 CSF Spring Break Mission Trip Application

Please note that once you begin filling out the application, you must complete it in one sitting.  You cannot save it.  We ask that you fill it out in a thoughtful and meaningful manner.  Do not rush through it.  We want to hear how God is working in your life and your heart towards the trip.

All applications must be submitted by Tuesday, February 4 along with a $100 deposit made payable to Christian Student Fellowship.  Deposits are refundable until February 14.  The team will be selected and appointed by February 7.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Chris at


First Refuge of the Semester a Success!

Refuge Opener

Hearing from upperclassmen about what they’ve experienced through CSF.

Welcome, students, to the 2013-2014 year! To kick things off right, we had our first Refuge of the semester. In celebration of the new school year, we set up round tables, played some games, heard from some CSF upperclassmen, and watched a slideshow some of the great stuff we do throughout the year. It was so great to see familiar faces and meet new ones. If you made it out, we hope you had a good time.

Next week we’ll begin our normal Refuge setup. Our worship team will lead followed by a message from Chris James called Get Out of the Boat – Matthew 14:22-33.


Christmas in Asia 2012 Application!

What are you doing this Christmas?  Why not travel to the other side of the globe to build relationships with university students in Asia for the purpose of sharing the Christ of Christmas?!?  This will be done by hosting Christmas parties, teaching English classes, performing simple Christmas dramas and skits, and teaching/singing Christmas songs.  The focus of this opportunity is for you to personally tell your Christian story to many Asian students as you build relationships and care for them.

You can learn more specifics of this opportunity on our “Missions” page.  Fill out your application here.  Once you begin, complete the entire application because you cannot save changes.  For other questions, please contact one of our staff.

Welcome to a New School Year!

From all of us here at UML CSF, welcome to a new semester!  We are excited about getting Refuge kicked off TONIGHT at 7:35Pm in Cumnock Auditorium on North Campus.  There will be great musical worship led by our student worship team, an encouraging word from one of our student leaders, and a relevant Bible study message led by Chris James, one of our campus ministers.  You will also get a first glimpse of our Winter Break cross-cultural trip to China.  We hope that you will join us and get to know some awesome new friends!

There are exciting things planned for the upcoming school year–great retreats, mission trips to China and Los Angeles, small group Bible studies, and many different opportunities to serve our campus.  Take a few minutes to surf our site to see some of these opportunities in more detail as well as to meet our staff.  Again, welcome to a new school year and let us know if we can encourage you in any way!